Why VertaLok?

The VertaLok Rotary Gutter Cleaning System is the most advanced tool ever designed for safety and effectively cleaning rain gutters from the ground level without stepping foot on a ladder.

VertaLok utilizes a combination of "rotary" and "non-rotary" cleaning tools specially designed to remove all types of debris commonly found in gutters and works with your cordless drill.

>>   Lightweight and Easy to Use

>>   Rotary Power for Faster Cleaning

>>   Non-Rotary Tools for Tough Debris

>>   Remove and Rinse Process

>>   Extendable Reach

>>   Up to 12 ft. Reach Included

>>   Additional Extension Pole Sections Sold Separately

>>   Rotary Drive Flow-Thru Extension Poles

>>   Ultra-Lite Fiberglass Pole Sections

>>   Aircraft Aluminum Snap Lock Pole Connectors

>>   Pole Sections include Internal Rotary Drive for Debris
        Removal and Water Channel for Rinsing

>>   Adjustable Grip Handle

>>   Works With Your Cordless Drill